About Me

I am a User Experience Designer with my roots in graphic design and visual arts. I come with a humble experience of two years in the UX Industry. As a designer,I feel, that aesthetics and empathy are two things that can make any design successful!

My area of expertise lies in designing the User experiece of products and websites. However, my area of interest is vast. Apart from being a UX designer, I enjoy graphic design and illustration and do so professionally, whenever time permits. I also love to educate, debate and discuss about design, arts, philosophy and politics. I am an ardent reader, I like to read both works of fiction and non-fiction. 


I have helped in creating several digital products and experiences while working as a User Experience Designer. Head over to the project section to view some of the projects that I helped design.

As a User Experience designer, I develop strategies to help design better digital products or websites. My graphic design background allows me to design seamless and aesthetic interfaces at the same time. I feel that an interesting interface should be good in terms of strategy and visually compelling. 


I worked as a UX designer for several years prior to starting my master's degree in design, which helped me combine both real world design experiences as well as research and theoretical understanding of design and HCI (Human computer Interaction). As a designer, I worked on end to end digital product design, with clients and stakeholders to develop meaningful design solutions. Having had first hand experience working with several startups, My designs and research has helped several startup clients to successfully launch their MVP (Minimal Viable Product) and quickly grow into large businesses. My designs contain a successful blend of business and user needs, so that both are equally aligned.

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Feel free to contact me. I am open to discussing new projects, creative ideas and opportunities to be part of your visions.

email me at: amikrishnokoli@gmail.com

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